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Believe SEO provide an in-depth search engine optimisation service encompassing keyword analysis, on-page content and site structure analysis and optimisation and a full spectrum off-site link-building service encompassing directory submissions, article s

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A couple weeks ago, I got a call from one of our portfolio company’s CEOs, who was frustrated by his confusion around SEO. He felt like he just couldn’t get a straight answer. Each “expert” claimed to know the secret sauce and recommended different strategies, most of which they (eventually) admitted could result in Google penalizing the site.
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Majestic SEO, a popular link research tool, announced a new feature where they are now categorizing their index, which is made up of over 700 billion web pages, into about 1,000 different categories.
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In a recent video from Google Head of Search Spam Matt Cutts, Matt talks about the biggest SEO myths he sees today. By far, the biggest myth, according to Cutts, is how people think Google makes changes to their search results with the only intent of making more money.
3 Successful Online PR Case Studies
The worlds of public relations and search engine optimization are increasingly overlapping. If you want to do good SEO in the future, you'll have to become adept at pitching your company to the media. Here's how three companies did it successfully.
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One of the challenges that the world of SEO presents us with is its lack of clarity. The search engines obscure their algorithms, and as a result, SEO is really a best practices game. You can learn more about what works best by constantly testing ideas on your site, but ultimately your overall SEO strategy will be part art and part science.
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NowFloats builds a business website via SMS; Company expanding to SEA
Using NowFloats, local retailers can build websites through SMS in 13 minutes. The company wants to replicate the model in Southeast Asia now Internet being a democratic place where every large or small player can have a representation, technology should be an enabler rather than a hindrance for businesses to get online — in this ...
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