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Flu Vaccine

Nationwide Medical Surgical is a medical company who supplies the highest quality flu vaccines including Tamiflu as well as flu vaccine vials and other medical supplies at competitive prices. They are committed to meeting all the influenza needs for the a

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Vaccine no match for rogue flu strain
A rogue flu strain has surfaced in New Zealand, infecting even those who have had their annual vaccination.
Flu Vaccine May Hold Key to Preventing Heart Disease with a Shot
Oct. 21, 2014 – One of the reasons senior citizens should not hesitate to get a flu shot every year is the added protection it provides against heart attack. Those who get vaccinated are 50 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack in a year.
Flu season here; health officials urge vaccine
Flu season has officially begun, and though the risk of catching the disease is low this early in the season, health officials emphasize that everyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot as soon as possible.
Health Department offering flu vaccine
The Bryan County Health Department now has flu vaccine available. Cost for both the injectable (shot) and nasal spray form is $28.
Flu vaccine may hold key to preventing heart disease
Flu vaccines are known to have a protective effect against heart disease, reducing the risk of a heart attack. For the first time, this research reveals the molecular mechanism that underpins this phenomenon. The scientists behind the study say it could be harnessed to prevent heart disease directly.
Flu vaccines may help prevent heart attacks
London Oct 22 (IANS) The easily available flu vaccines may hold the key to developing a vaccine against heart diseases too, researchers have found.
10 Biggest Myths About the Flu
Don't get us wrong, we're all for washing your hands with soap and water. But it's not enough to stop the flu
Viral-research moratorium called too broad
Us government ban on research into enhanced pathogens also affects flu surveillance and vaccine work.
Flu Shots 2014: More People Getting Vaccinated Amid Ebola Outbreak For Whatever Reason
Whether the motivation is the Ebola outbreak or President Barack Obama’s recent reminder, more people are getting flu shots this year. Nearly 2 million more influenza vaccine doses have been distributed so far in 2014 compared with this time last year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .
“You want to get it now:” Health officials urge you to get a flu shot
MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s easy to make excuses not to get a flu shot, but Milwaukee Health Department Medical Director Geoffrey Swain says now is the time to get one. “It takes a week or two for a flu vaccine to build up full effect in your body. So you want to get it now so […]